The Gray Beards Consulting Team                        

.Jake MacLeod
  • Principal VP, CTO and Fellow, Bechtel, Inc.
  • AVP, Hughes Network Systems
  • Founder and President, Gray Beards Consulting
  • VP Engineering, CellNet, Inc


Dr. Adam Drobot, Ph.D.

  • President and CTO, Telcordia,
    Advanced Technology Solutions
  • SVP Science and Technology, SAIC
  • Managing Director, 2M Company


Dr. Isaac Shpantzer, Ph.D.

  • Founder and CTO, CeLight
  • Founder, President, NextNet
  • SVP, Racotek
  • Chief DSP Architect, Zoran
  • Head, Digital Systems Division, Nuclear Research Center, Israel

John Petrillo
  • Co-Founder and CEO,Powerwave Cognition, Inc.
  • EVP Global Corporate Strategy and BD, AT&T
  • President of AT&T's Business Communications
    Services Unit


David A. Frye

  • VP of US and LA, Nortel, Inc.
  • VP & COO NovAtel, Inc.
  • VP & COO TRW/Vidar
  • VP Memotec, Inc.
  • VP Control Devices, Inc.
  • Founder and President, DFA, Inc.
David A Quinn
  • Founder and President, Guidepoint Management, Inc.
  • VP Global Wireless Solutions, Powerwave, Inc.
  • Founder and Chairman of Azonic Networks Inc.
  • Founder and CEO, Kaval Wireless Technologies, Inc.


Dr. Albert A Esser

  • CEO and President of Albert Esser Consulting
  • CEO fortu
  • VP Power and Infrastructure Solutions, Dell
  • VP Fluid Power Group, Eaton.
  • VP Engineering, Eaton
  • CTO Emerson Network Power Group
  • SVP Corporate Research, Hilti
  • Director Technology Planning, Emerson